BAQ 2010 Concludes! Asia wants "clean air, clean air please!"

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Better Air Quality (BAQ) Conference!

BAQ 2010 was organized by the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) in partnership with the National Environment Agency, Land Transport Authority, Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau, Asian Development Bank and The World Bank.

Held in Singapore from 9 to 11 November at the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, BAQ 2010 was made possible with the following supporting organizations: Asian Clean Fuels Association (ACFA), Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA), Bridging the Gap, Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA), CITA RAG AA, Climate Works Foundation, The China Sustainable Energy Program, FIA Foundation, Fredskorpset-Norway, Fu Tak Iam Foundation, Global Fuel Economy Initiative, GTZ, Health Effects Institute, The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP), ITDS, Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles, Sida, Embassy of Sweden, United Nations Centre for Regional Development, UNEP, US Environmental Protection Agency, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and World LP Gas Association.

We also thank our corporate sponsors who supported BAQ 2010, namely MAHA, AVL, AECOM, Horiba, Wema, Boysen and RNG!

Help us improve BAQ

BAQ 2010 was a huge success! On behalf of the BAQ Organizing Committee, we thank you for participating in what has been the largest air quality event this year with about 600 conference participants attending on the first day. BAQ 2010 would not have been possible without dedicated stakeholders and partners like you. And the BAQ tradition continues as we expect to organize the next BAQ in the year 2012.

To help us assess how we can further improve BAQ both in substance and logistics, we are conducting an online evaluation survey for BAQ 2010. All conference participants are requested to take a few minutes to fill in the evaluation questionnaire and let us know your thoughts on BAQ 2010. Estimated time to complete the survey questionnaire is about 10-12 minutes.

Your feedback is valuable to us! We hope to hear from you before 15 December 2010.

Turning Asian Cities Into Livable Cities Emphasized During BAQ

The BAQ Conference, organized by the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia), kicked off today with 600 participants from 35 countries around the world. The theme “Air Quality in a Changing Climate” reflects the different urban development model we need to adopt in the face of 500 million Asians moving to cities in the next decades. Sophie Punte, Executive Director of the CAI-Asia Center explained that “An important reason for holding BAQ in Singapore this time is that Singapore presents so many best practice examples of how a city can grow its economy while at the same time preserving blue skies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” Read More >>>

Clean Air Scorecard Trigger Action for 8 Cities

Sixty percent of 230 surveyed Asian cities had annual average concentrations of particulate matter (PM10) in 2008 that did not meet World Health Organization air quality interim targets and only one percent met the annual guideline. Eight of these cities were given an opportunity to significantly improve their management of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, through the application of the Clean Air Scorecard, as presented at the Better Air Quality (BAQ) Conference at Suntec Singapore. Read More >>>

Kong Ha Award for Excellence in Air Quality Management

CAI-Asia congratulates this year's Kong Ha Award winner who is a staunch advocate of better air quality management in Indonesia from the non-government organization sector! Awarding ceremony will take place on 9 November (Tuesday), 9.00-12.30am at the Theatre (Third Floor),Suntec Singapore. Read More >>>

New York Shares Experience with Asia at BAQ

The Transport Commissioner of New York City, Janette Sadik-Khan, is set to speak during the BAQ Conference in Suntec Singapore on 9 November to share New York’s approach to city development that involves collaboration between government and stakeholders. Read More >>>

Get a Special Pass for BAQ 2010

BAQ 2010 will attract up to 600 policy makers and other stakeholders in Asia to discuss “air quality in a changing climate.” We would like to give the opportunity for residents of the host city to participate in the 3-day BAQ Conference through a Special Pass. Read More >>>

Clean Air at Mega-Events in BAQ 2010

What do the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Expo 2010 Shanghai, and Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi have in common? They all have the potential of attracting millions of local and international visitors to the host city. These “mega-events” give these cities a chance to highlight environmentally sustainable activities, particularly in air quality improvements and carbon footprint reductions.

The Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) Center, applying its experience with air quality communications for the Beijing Olympics, has launched a new website to communicate air quality management in these mega-events to policymakers and the public Read More >>>

City in Focus: New York

New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Department of Transportation are on a mission to make the Big Apple the "greatest, greenest big city in the world" by ramping up bicycle infrastructure across the city, introducing bus rapid transit to the Bronx, and pedestrianizing Times Square, among other bold transportation initiatives. Read More >>>

NYC Transport Commissioner to Deliver Keynote Address at BAQ 2010

Ms. Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), to inspire cities to take action. Read more

She was recently featured in New York Magazine: Janette Sadik-Khan, the city’s Transportation commissioner, manages to be equal parts Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses. As she prepares to close swaths of Broadway to cars next week, she is igniting a peculiar new culture war—over the role of the automobile in New York. View the full article by Michael Crowley

BAQ Pre- & Post-Event Sessions: How to Register

Pre-events are sessions organized by various BAQ 2010 supporting organizations which can take the form of training courses, workshops and roundtable discussions. Several pre-event sessions will be held on 8 November (Monday) covering a range of topics related to air quality such as air pollution from power plants, fuel economy of vehicle fleets, public transport, or the co-benefits of climate change and air quality management. Past BAQ pre-events have had huge attendance by air quality management practitioners, civil society organizations, academic community and policymakers.

Post-event sessions are also scheduled on 12 November (Friday), a day following the main BAQ conference event. Register for pre- & post-events to reserve your seats through Click here for more info!

How to be a sponsor or supporting organization

There are several sponsorship packages available for private sector companies. Sponsorship benefits: company logo on BAQ 2010 communication materials, admission tickets, booth space, and breakout session presentation.

  • Diamond sponsor (US$30,000)
  • Platinum sponsor (US$15,000)
  • Gold sponsor (US$7,500)

We also invite CAI-Asia partnership members to provide active support to BAQ 2010 by becoming a supporting organization. BAQ 2010 offers a unique opportunity to host a pre-event, breakout session, or a post event on a topic related to the BAQ theme and of significance to your organization. For more details see our letter to supporting organizations.

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