One Day Learning Event on ‘Financing Sustainable Urban Transport – Bridging the Gap from Planning to Implementation’ for BAQ 2010, Singapore

Public urban transport has historically not received the attention and financial support it deserves in order to function in a sustainable manner. Changes in how transport is financed are essential if cities and nations are to deal effectively with the rapid growth in motor vehicle traffic and related environmental and health problems, including climate change. To respond to this situation and meet similar challenges that urban development and economic growth will pose in the future, there is a need for significant investments in sustainable urban transport, which in turn depend on gaining access to financial resources. However, mayors and other decision-makers have only limited financial resources earmarked for sustainable urban transportation while other sources of financing demand to be shown the financial viability of these urban strategic investments.

It is incumbent for urban transport managers to seek alternative and innovative financing options. Experiences from different cities show that gaining financing of sustainable urban transport options like public transport and non-motorized transport systems is possible with proper institutional mechanisms to support it. Various economic instruments at local, national and international level (e.g. vehicle taxation, road and parking pricing or fuel taxation) are also available to generate financing. If this is backed by proper institutional mechanisms, it can ensure a high level of financial sustainability while concurrently securing political and public acceptance for sustainable urban transport.

The GTZ’s Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP), the Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) and the LTA Academy, Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) are all actively engaged in addressing this situation in Asian cities. As such, they have come together to collaborate in conducting a one-day capacity building event dedicated to senior level urban planners/practitioners, senior policy makers, and financial sector specialists from the Asian region. It will provide participants with opportunities to gain exposure and understanding of innovative approaches, mechanisms and tools for effective planning, structuring and financing for the implementation of urban transport investment projects that contribute to more sustainable urban development. The objective is to sensitize participants on key challenges related to financing urban transport systems. Focus questions will address aspects such as “why is financing important?”; “who should be involved?” and “how can options available can be combined in a sustainable manner?”.

This event is being held on November 8 (9 - 4 pm) at the LTA Academy, Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA)" in conjunction with the Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2010 conference. The course will be conducted in English and will include small group discussions, application of selected tools and guidelines delivered via formal presentations as well as case studies, and examples of good practices targeting developing country context that will be presented. Up to 30 participants can join this learning event.

Contact: Henning Hillmer (CDIA, Pasig City, Philippines +63(2) 631 2342)

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