BAQ Session: Port and Shipping Emissions

BAQ Breakout Session Red 1
Meeting Room 311, Suntec Singapore
Stream: Technologies and Emissions Management

Your brand new laptop, this designer shirt, this nice handbag: 90% of all international trade is sea-borne: shipping cargo all over the world involves different means of transport and includes a lot of emissions. generated by ships and by all transport means and activities going on in port to serve trade: moving cargo in, out and within the port areas, services to ships, traffic management, loading vehicles fleet, etc.

Mitigating the impact that these activities generate on the environment, and in particular reducing the amount of emissions generated is an increasing focus of ports around the world. Ports in Asia are catching up as ambitious measures at the local level are taking place.

Yet, a large number of measures planned and implemented at present in the different ports are technical or organizational measures. Planning and land-use have not been mentioned as tools for emission reduction are other worth considering

The breakout session on “Port an Shipping Emissions” organized by the “Sustainable Port Development in the ASEAN Region” sponsored by the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) will provide a clear overview of the issues at stake, the possible solutions and the initiatives taken in Asia to address those issues.

Organized by: GTZ
Chair: Franca Sprong, GTZ

To ensure maximum interaction with the participants, the session has been designed around three 20-minute “clinics” rather than on “presentations”. Please join, participate and challenge our industry speakers on November 9, 2010, 1.30-3pm.

  • Introduction Measures Taken by Ports to Reduce Air Pollution by Franca Sprong, GTZ
  • Emission Inventory in the Port of Bangkok-Methods and Results by Chris Taylor, URS/Scott Wilson, United Kingdom
  • Reducing Marine Vessels Emission in Hong Kong by Simon Ng, Civic Exchange, Hong Kong
  • Measures Taken by Ports - Shore Based Power Supply in Ports – A Case Study by Claro Samuel Fontanilla, Port of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines and Franca Sprong GTZ

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