BAQ Awards (2010 Edition)

In the spirit of tradition and fun, a BAQ Awards Committee was formed during the conference to determine winners of the prestigious...

BAQ Awards Slide 1

This is one of the highlights of every BAQ Closing Plenary since BAQ 2004 in Agra, India. The complete set of winners for the BAQ Awards 2010 is attached (see below). Some highlights of the BAQ Awards, presented by Jitu Shah, are:

BAQ Awards Anjila

BAQ Awards Puput

BAQ Awards Kim Oanh

BAQ Awards Masa

BAQ Awards Lee

BAQ Awards Simon


BAQ Awards China

BAQ Awards 2010 Committee Members: Jitu Shah, Chee-Anne Roño, Alvin Mejia, Sudhir, Kaye Patdu and Parthaa Bosu

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