Terms of Sponsorship

• Your sponsorship includes the cost of an economy ticket from your place of residence to Singapore. You must choose the most direct and economical route. We request you to make a booking for your flight (i.e., protection booking) upon receipt of Sponsorship Invitation from CAI-Asia to get the best airfare rates. However, do not have your ticket issued until you receive approval from CAI-Asia for your proposed itinerary and cost of the ticket.
• After you book your flight, submit the proposed itinerary and associated costs using the form below, and email it to CAI-Asia (baq2010@cai-asia.org within 3 working days upon receipt of this letter).
• Within 3 working days after receiving your proposed itinerary, the CAI-Asia will either approve your itinerary or request further changes. You should instruct your travel agent or airline to issue your ticket only after your itinerary is approved by CAI-Asia.

Visa Arrangements
• Nationals from certain countries need a visa to enter Singapore. Please look at www.mfa.gov.sg or
www.ica.gov.sg whether you need a visa. While it is possible for some countries to get a visa on arrival we recommend that you obtain a visa before traveling to Singapore. It is the responsibility of the participant to secure such a visa. If you believe that you require a visa please indicate this in form below. All sponsored participants will be housed at a designated hotel prearranged by CAI-Asia. Details of your hotel accommodations will be sent individually.
• Please contact CAI-Asia in case you require an invitation letter in support of your visa application.

Miscellaneous Expenses
• Sponsored participants will receive US$ 60 for miscellaneous travel expenses (MTE), which should cover the cost of airport transfers and other transport related expenses. For your information, you can take a metered taxi from the Changi, Singapore airport to your hotel (estimated to cost 15 SGD or (US$11 one-way). See www.changiairport.com for information on airport transfers.
• If you require a Singapore visa, the total miscellaneous travel expenses will be US$100.

• Upon receipt and approval of the flight itinerary CAI-Asia will book a room for you at a designated hotel. CAI-Asia will send details of hotel individually. The length of the hotel booking will be based on the details of the travel booking. Please note that CAI-Asia will not make a booking beyond 6 nights. If you would like to stay longer this will be at your own account. The hotel booking is inclusive of breakfast.
• CAI-Asia will make the booking for one person. In case you decide to bring a partner please note that you will be expected to pay for this.
• Most hotel requires a credit card guarantee or a cash deposit of US$100 for incidental hotel expenses (e.g., mini bar consumption, internet service) which will be charged to your personal account.

Per Diem
• As a sponsored participant, you will receive a per diem of US$25 per day (maximum of 5 days) while you are in Singapore.

Pre-/Post-Event Attendance
• If your invitation letter specifies that your sponsorship is conditional on attendance in a specific pre-/post-event please ensure that your flight booking allows your participation (e.g., if you need to attend a pre-event on Monday, 8 November you need to be in Singapore by Sunday, November 8) or a post-event on Friday, 12 November, you need to leave Singapore by Saturday, November 13).
• Your attendance in the pre-/post-event will be our basis for calculating your per diem for these days.
• Attendance in pre-/post-events is subject to the approval of CAI-Asia.

• CAI-Asia has two options for reimbursement of your costs:
a) All costs will be reimbursed during the BAQ 2010 week after we have received all required documentation.
b) If -- for compelling reasons -- you need to be reimbursed/need to advance travel funds before you travel to Singapore, we can pay you in 2 installments (email baq2010@cai-asia.org to request this option):
 The first installment will cover 80% of the ticket cost. This will be paid by bank transfer upon approval of your flight booking by the CAI-Asia. You will need to submit a scanned/fax copy of the airfare invoice/receipt and your bank details as follows:

Name of Bank:
Complete Address of Bank:
Account Name:
Account Number:
Bank SWIFT Code:

• The balance of your expenses will be reimbursed in cash when you are in Singapore.
• In all cases you will need to submit supporting documents (in English) to CAI-Asia to facilitate reimbursement:
- ticket copy
- original invoice from the travel agent/airline
- boarding pass/es (one-way, from country of origin to Bangkok)
- original hotel folio and receipt as applicable
- copy of passport
- signed acceptance of terms of sponsorship

Important Reminders

1. You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements, both the flight and the travel to and from Singapore airport
2. All costs related to making changes in flight itineraries after they have been approved by CAI-Asia will be at your expense unless specifically requested by CAI-Asia
3. You should book an economy ticket, which in most cases are non re-routable, non-refundable, and are the most direct routes available.
4. You can only request for the issuance of the ticket after you receive confirmation and approval from CAI-Asia for the itinerary and the price.
5. If you want to spend additional days before or after the BAQ conference, then this is at your own expense. Please inform us if you want to spend extra days in Singapore when you submit your proposed itinerary.
6. Failure to attend BAQ 2010 in full can result in forfeiting sponsorship for BAQ 2010. (Participants who have requested for sponsorship, who have received approval for the purchase of a ticket and who, after having purchased the ticket are not able to attend BAQ 2010, will only be eligible for reimbursement of the ticket cost if they are physically unable to travel. Please present a doctor’s certificate to claim your reimbursement.)


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