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Clean Air for Smaller Cities in the ASEAN Region, ASEAN-German Technical Cooperation

Rapid motorization and urbanization are increasing threats to cities in Asia. Opportunities for personal mobility have dramatically improved, industrial production has grown and open burning, e.g. of solid waste, is a common habit. As a result, existing air pollution in metropolitan areas worsens and smaller cities more and more encounter a deterioration of their air quality. In particular, smaller cities have limited capacities to resolve and/or prevent the problems. The project “Clean Air for Smaller Cities in the ASEAN Region” aims to enable smaller cities to develop and implement Clean Air Plans (CAPs). Participation of stakeholders (i.e. government officials, private sector, civil society, NGOs, academics, media, and donors) is fundamental for plan development and implementation Ownership by the cities and stakeholders is a must. All key stakeholders are required to share responsibility reaching common visions and goals towards the development and implementation of CAPs. Systematic and regionally anchored training for air quality management for cities' staff and stakeholders will be promoted and marketed at the regional level. Local universities take part in technical works, in particular, emission inventories, ambient air quality monitoring and interpretation of data, public and non-motorized transport promotions and, urban planning reviews. The objective of the workshop is to exchange lessons learned so far from project activities Critical success factors and its challenge will be discussed among the participating cities and the project team.

8 November 2010 / 12:00 noon - 4:00 PM

Rendezvous Hotel

Participants: By invitation only
The project will invite local and national government officials from 7 participating countries (i.e. Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam). Those are key persons of the project implementation from national and city levels. It is expected that 40 participants will join this workshop.

Contact Person:
Napaporn Yuberk
Project Manager
Clean Air for Smaller Cities in the ASEAN Region
ASEAN-German Technical Cooperation
Phone: +662 298 2008

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