Call for Abstracts: Now Closed

The BAQ Secretariat is now reviewing all submitted abstracts and will contact the authors individually.

Topics covered:

  1. Sustainable Cities and Urban Development
  2. Air Quality and GHG Monitoring and Impacts (covering all sources)
  3. Air Quality Management & Climate Change Mitigation (covering all sources)
  4. Transport Systems and Modes
  5. Clean Fuels and Vehicles
  6. Industry and other sources

Abstracts can cover academic, technical- or policy-related studies, projects and programs, and technologies, and should indicate to which topic relevant to the BAQ theme. An Asian focus is required and abstracts can relate to the city, national or regional levels. Abstracts with a focus on Europe, USA, or others parts of the world should clearly state the relevance of the proposed paper to Asia. Priority will be given to abstracts which focus on new research and innovative policies and solutions and that are relevant to the theme.

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