A&WMA Joins Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities to Promote Stationary Source Air Quality Standards at BAQ 2010

The Air & Waste Management Association’s (A&WMA) and Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) will sponsor a workshop on stationary source emission standards prior to the Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2010 Conference in Singapore. The workshop “Experiences in Developing and Implementing Stationary Source Standards,” will take place Monday, November 8 from 12 noon to 4 p.m. Singapore Standard Time.

“Population and congestion issues in Asia have traditionally placed its air quality focus on emissions generated by transportation sources,” said Dr. Miriam Lev-On, Chair of A&WMA’s International Affairs Committee. “This workshop aims to enable discussion of Asian experience and the role stationary source emission standards play in managing air quality. It will address policy hurdles other countries have faced in developing and implementing such standards, and share experiences from Asian nations that have begun the stationary source standard development process.”

The workshop will also discuss compliance with stationary source standards and enforcement strategies. Additionally, there will be open discussion of best practices related to stationary source air pollution abatement and standard setting.

Sri Lanka, for instance, is currently discussing the adoption of legally enforceable standards for emissions from stationary sources. Through the facilitation of CAI-Asia, A&WMA and Clean Air Sri Lanka (Country Network of CAI-Asia in Sri Lanka) successfully concluded a Webinar (web-based seminar) last September 2010 to discuss stationary source standards formulation. Presentations of resource persons from US-based A&WMA, specifically Dr. Miriam Lev-On and David Calkins, were delivered online to audience in Sri Lanka consisting of government officials, NGO representatives and members of the academe. The webinar was part of CAI-Asia’s KnowledgeAir Project, funded by the Asian Development Bank through the Japan Special Fund.

Dr. Thusitha Sugathapala, Coordinator of Clean Air Sri Lanka (Country Network of CAI-Asia in Sri Lanka) shares, “the BAQ pre-event session on stationary source standards sponsored by A&WMA is again a very important activity as there would be participation from other countries in the region. It is important to highlight the fact that there exists wide differences in standards for stationary sources among different countries in the Asian region, in terms of source categories covered, pollutants included and limits specified. This emphasizes the need of a regional level programme for sharing experiences and best practices related to emission control of stationary sources and harmonizing the relevant standards.”

More information on the “Experiences in Developing and Implementing Stationary Source Standards” is available at http://www.baq2010.org/node/713. The Better Air Quality (BAQ) conference is the largest gathering on air quality in Asia, covering transport, energy, industry and climate change, with a particular emphasis on government policies and measures held once every two years.


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About BAQ 2010
BAQ 2010 is organized by the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) and will be held in the unique city of Singapore from 9 to 11 November. Policy makers and practitioners meet at BAQ to network, learn and share experiences. Past BAQs have proven to influence policies, initiate new projects and establish partnerships. For more information please visit www.baq2010.org.

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