BAQ 2010 Conference Dinner

Performance of Lee Schipper and the Mitigators at the BAQ 2010 Conference Dinner held in Legends at Fort Canning last 9 November 2010.

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Vibraphone: Lee Schipper

BAQ Awards (2010 Edition)

In the spirit of tradition and fun, a BAQ Awards Committee was formed during the conference to determine winners of the prestigious...

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Winner of the Kong Ha Award for Excellence in Air Quality Management

CAI-Asia Center congratulates this year's Kong Ha Award winner who is a staunch advocate of better air quality management in Indonesia from the non-government organization sector!

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BAQ Session: Port and Shipping Emissions

BAQ Breakout Session Red 1
Meeting Room 311, Suntec Singapore
Stream: Technologies and Emissions Management

Your brand new laptop, this designer shirt, this nice handbag: 90% of all international trade is sea-borne: shipping cargo all over the world involves different means of transport and includes a lot of emissions. generated by ships and by all transport means and activities going on in port to serve trade: moving cargo in, out and within the port areas, services to ships, traffic management, loading vehicles fleet, etc.

One Day Learning Event on ‘Financing Sustainable Urban Transport – Bridging the Gap from Planning to Implementation’ for BAQ 2010, Singapore

Public urban transport has historically not received the attention and financial support it deserves in order to function in a sustainable manner. Changes in how transport is financed are essential if cities and nations are to deal effectively with the rapid growth in motor vehicle traffic and related environmental and health problems, including climate change.

A&WMA Joins Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities to Promote Stationary Source Air Quality Standards at BAQ 2010

The Air & Waste Management Association’s (A&WMA) and Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) will sponsor a workshop on stationary source emission standards prior to the Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2010 Conference in Singapore. The workshop “Experiences in Developing and Implementing Stationary Source Standards,” will take place Monday, November 8 from 12 noon to 4 p.m. Singapore Standard Time.

BAQ Session: Achieving the Goals of the Bangkok 2020 Declaration

Stakeholders to discuss Sustainable Transport Goals for 2010, as outlined in the Bangkok 2020 Declaration agreed during the Fifth Regional EST Forum

BAQ Breakout Session Green 2
Meeting Room 314, Suntec Singapore
Stream: Sustainable Urban Development

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